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We are a multidisciplinary architecture design & visualisation studio located near Sheffield. We offer a broad selection of services in the sectors of Urban Design, Architecture, Planning, Design, Consultation and Visualisation to meet client needs for a variety of project types covering projects internationally, nationally and locally.

Established in 2004 by Director Paul Deakin, the practice has successfully serviced the needs of Top 10 National Housing Developers, local developers and individuals as well as forging leading edge delivery of VR for visualisation and marketing purposes. Further information can be found within our division webpages

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Our Services

Whilst including a great deal of cross-over in the skills of design and the requirements of presentation we broadly split our service provision into two service specialisms. This includes the technical and design aspects of architectural, urban design and planning and also the creation of visualisations, virtual reality and 360 experiences.

Architectural & Design

We are specialists in residential design and offer a broad array of urban design and architectural services to serve our client's requirements. This includes but is not limited to: Appraisals, Masterplanning, Design, Planning, Technical, Environmental, Project Management and Visuals / Marketing.

A more comprehensive summary of our urban design services can be found on the division website

Building on our specialist experience in residential architectural design we offer tailored services for one off buildings and projects.

A more comprehensive summary of our architectural services can be found on the division website

Virtual Reality & Visualisation

Our premiere 360 degree visualisation and VR service. Including Exterior and exterior tours (Site Explorations / Virtual Show Homes) Interactive experiences and specification selection. Available online, on mobile and standalone for your marketing or project review purposes.

A more comprehensive summary of our 360° and VR services can be found on the eyesiteview division website

Our architectural visualisation services cover a wide range of mediums from still visuals, verified photomontages, animations, presentations and digital print design. Covering projects from early consultations, championing planning applications to visuals for marketing purposes. We believe it is the creativity and professionalism of presentation for a proposal that could be the difference for success for a land bid, planning approval or sale.

A more comprehensive summary of our visualisation services can be found on the imageworks division website

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Our Work

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