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Importance of Visualisations
  • Written by Oasis Studio
  • November 29th, 2012
  • About ImageWorks

Importance of Visualisations

Architectural Visualisations

Visualisations besides enabling opportunity to review your project in context present an opportunity to ’sell’ the scheme to decision makers such as planners and can assist in off plot sales.

They can be generated in various forms, usually depending on the stage of the project. From initial sketch style conceptual to photomontages for planning use or realistic high quality rendering for detailed review or marketing use. The important thing is to use the correct form at the right time to aid your overview or present the scheme in the best light for others.

Although not generally a prerequisite for planning applications, they are generally expected at least for larger applications. There are a few instances, such as National Park planning authorities which request photomontages of proposals transposed into photographs.

We have encountered numerous instances where the use of quality visuals have smoothed and assisted in gaining positive understanding of proposals, particularly with planning committee members.

Oasis Studio provides extensive Architectural Visualisation services as part the Oasis ImageWorks and EyeSiteView divisions.

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