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Introducing EyeSiteView

Introducing EyeSiteView


A new era of connecting with customers has arrived. Immersive marketing of new homes and developments is catching up with the modern way we use technology and touch devices

Designed for the touch screen environment but with usability across desktop environments prospective purchasers can walk the finished scheme before even a brick is built. Using a navigation intuitive to any StreetView user, the scheme can be explored digitally at the purchasers leisure. Property details available by simply clicking on the front door, enabling the sales particulars to be viewed or exploring the property interiors.

National Developer Launch

EyeSiteView has been launched into the residential development sector in conjunction with one of the UKs leading marketing agencies. Avant Homes is the first national housing developer to use the game-changing consumer interaction on its latest midlands sites.

The immersive site exploration includes: Touch Screen or Desktop interaction, Navigate in a similar method to google streetview. See property details by clicking the plot front door.

Forward Thinking - Immediate Marketing

The immersive panoramic viewing enables the plots to visualised in their actual site location rather than a simple static elevation rendering.

EyeSiteView is ideal for new site launches and off-plot sales giving a full view of the site before even a sales presence is available on site. In addition to use prior to a sales presence of site, it can be used as part of the sales experience. During busy periods customers can be kept engaged using tablets or screens within the marketing suite whilst sales operatives are busy.

Extending beyond the development site exterior, interior exploration opens up wider opportunities for sales presentation. Every housetype is capable of being a virtual show home, not just those built and furnished on site. Within virtual show homes purchasers can select and compare finish choices within the actual room.

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