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What has the NPPF Changed
  • Written by Oasis Studio
  • December 1st, 2012
  • About Planning

What has the NPPF Changed


With the introduction of the NPPF earlier this year we look at the changes on the planning & development landscape

What did it change?

The NPPF creates a presumption in favour of sustainable development, which is to be amended into Local Planning Authority (LPA) local plans or be maintained where no suitable plan is in place.

A rolling 5 year supply of new homes within LPA should be maintained with an increased buffer of 5% or 20% depending of previous performance to meet the required housing supply.

Development should be deliverable, the viability of a scheme should consider the need to provide an acceptable returns to developers and land owners.

How has this affected planning & development?

Sites previously stalled through economic issues have lead to shortfalls in some LPAs delivered housing based on their anticipated assessments.

The increased buffer of 5% is designed to assist with these kind of shortfalls in future, however where the 5 year supply is already falling short it puts additional pressure on the LPA to meet the target. To take this further, where they have previously underperformed an additional 20% is required to be demonstrated.

This has created some very big short term planning decisions with long term issues to be made by some authorities. In affected authorities it has lead to a glut of applications on land outside of settlement for new housing and development proposals. With the need to deliver new housing, proposals which would be unlikely to have been previously considered now can receive the support of LPAs in assisting to meet their housing supply targets.

A window of opportunity now exists in LPAs where there is a shortfall. Greenfield sites, with some or good access to local services have increased opportunity to be considered for development. Of course this doesn’t just mean the larger sites but also the reclassified gardens of existing properties.

Oasis Studio provides planning services as part of the Oasis Planning division.

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