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Promotions at Oasis Studio: Tony Buck

Promotions at Oasis Studio: Tony Buck

Meet Tony Buck, our Associate Director here at Oasis Studio Tony was recently named as a ’Chesterfield Champion’ by Destination Chesterfield

To coincide with the continued growth plan at Oasis Studio, we are delighted to announce that key team members have been awarded internal promotions.

Tony Buck, now Associate Director, joined the company back in 2010. When asked to summarise his journey, he states:

“I started at Oasis as a placement student whilst studying architectural technology at Sheffield Hallam. We were just a small team of 3, providing architectural services primarily to residential developers.

It was a real struggle to survive as we were in the depths of the recession during my early years, so during lean times we began to experiment with alternative methods of presenting information differently using panoramic 360° images. This slowly lead to opportunities to use this technology as a method to differentiate Oasis from our competition, as we began utilising it to demonstrate architectural concepts to both clients and planners.

We developed the technology further as a marketing tool aimed primarily at housing developers to assist them sell homes earlier. We branded the service EyeSiteView and it’s been embraced by Avant Homes, an existing architectural client of ours, to allow potential home buyers to navigate the developments and house interiors just like Google StreetView, just before it’s actually built.”

“It’s not the strongest or most intelligent that survives, it’s the ones most adaptable to change” - Charles Darwin

Tony’s role within the company has evolved significantly from generating planning drawings suitable for submissions to now being involved in all areas of moving the company forward.

“I know people always say this but no day is ever the same. We are an agile company still in evolution and I work with a highly creative bunch of people, working at the leading edge of what we do. There isn’t a book out there that tells us how to do what we do, we figure it out ourselves!”

Tony has played a significant part in establishing EyeSiteView as the market leader in interactive CGI and attributes a lot of the success to his other colleagues.

“I truly believe we have the ingredients to build something great here and a team culture is very important to me. I judge my success on the progress of the team around me.

I’m very proud and humbled with the promotion, but the hard work starts here. I’ve been very fortunate to have the support from our director Paul and I look forward to absolutely smashing it with the help of my talented team as we seek to elevate Oasis Studio to the next level!”

Tony briefing the EyeSiteView team Tony briefing the EyeSiteView team

Oasis Studio Director, Paul Deakin, adds: “Tony has not had this opportunity handed to him on a plate, he’s lead by example and earned his position through lots of hard work and determination.”

When asked what’s next for the company, Tony replied:

“This is just the beginning...we are seeking to expand our suite of interactive CGI services aimed at property marketing then enter into other sectors such as the marine and aviation markets.

We are also utilising a similar skill set to enter the education sector through a division called Seymour & Lehrn, and my colleague Charlie and her team are making huge strides in that area too”. (Discover more about Charlie’s journey).

There’s exciting times ahead.

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