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Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

Read all about our sustainability policy here at Oasis Studio

It’s no secret that we, the human race, have a responsibility to combat climate change.

Therefore, here at Oasis Studio we are committed to doing our part as a business, and as individuals, to prevent and reduce our environmental impact.

As a team, we’ve discussed and agreed on what we can do to improve our sustainability, and we have acted on the following areas:

Oasis Water Bottles

We all need hydration living in an Oasis, so we’ve issued every team member with their very own reusable metal water bottle.

Our sustainable Oasis water bottles Our sustainable Oasis water bottles

This benefits our team’s health, as our SHO water bottles don’t contain any harmful chemicals known to be carried in plastic water bottles!

Did you know it requires 2000 times less energy to produce tap water than it does to produce a plastic water bottle?

It’s also proven that water from metal bottles tastes better. They don’t retain the previous drinks flavour like plastic bottles do, so no yesterdays-tea-tasting water for the Oasis team!


Did you know that most tea bag manufacturers use polypropylene (a type of plastic) to seal their teabags?

Neither did we. But as soon as we found out, we set out to discover which tea manufacturers didn’t use plastic.

A quick Google search revealed that PG Tips have switched to using fully biodegradable, plant-based teabags, so our choice was easy.

Anyone for a brew? Anyone for a brew?

As tea is the second most consumed drink in the UK (but the most consumed drink in the office), switching to a biodegradable, plastic-free teabag makes a small, yet vital swap which we can all do to improve our planet’s sustainability.

Our Packaging

We have switched from packaging our tangible products with foam to recyclable card, to reduce the amount of plastic we use as a business!

Our new sustainable packaging! Our new sustainable packaging!

Research and developer Rob Watts said:

“It’s a huge leap in the right direction. Making the decision to switch to card was easy because of the less damage it causes to the environment.

The quality of the packaging is still extremely high, and the overall presentation has dramatically improved in my opinion.”

Our Products

How we package our products is not the only method of improving our overall product sustainability.

The products themselves are all made in-house, with a combination of laser cutting and 3D printing. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint, as our products are designed and made in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Designed in Chesterfield. Made in Chesterfield Designed in Chesterfield. Made in Chesterfield

Our in-house made products are also made with PLA (polylactic acid), a plant-based product which is biodegradable in certain conditions.

Office Plants

Having plants in an office reduces employees stress, increases their productivity, and most importantly they look great.

The unsung heroes of the Oasis office The unsung heroes of the Oasis office

However, they also offer benefits to the environment...

Our plants improve air quality by removing carbon monoxide, dust and cleaning agents from the atmosphere, meaning the Oasis office has the cleanest air on planet earth (not scientifically tested, yet).


As a technological company, we use a fair few batteries in order to power our remote controls, keyboards and mice.

Therefore, we decided to sign up to the Recycle More battery collection scheme, who recycle used batteries into new batteries! As well as recycling all of our office batteries, our team have all agreed to bring in their used batteries from home.

The battery recycling box! The battery recycling box!

We also shred all our used paper, which is available for all our staff to take home and use as bedding for their small animals!

What’s Next?

As previously addressed, we all have a responsibility to combat climate change.

Therefore we will continue to explore ways of how we can improve our sustainability. To help us do this, we have enlisted the help of our team, with a suggestions board available in the office asking how we can improve our sustainability.

Got any idea’s of how we can improve? E-mail us at

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