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The Value of Interactive CGI

The Value of Interactive CGI

This is not a photo

Why wait for your development to be built before you start marketing it? Discover the value of Interactive CGI as part of your marketing machine, and never look back.

A recent study showed that consumers spend 395 minutes (around 6 and a half hours) a day with digital media, whether that be via websites, social media, or the strategically placed screens around shopping centres.

Interactive CGI encourages more engagement and holds consumers attention for longer by adding movement to the typically still CGI.

We like to say: “Why show still image in a digital environment?"

This article will take a look at the benefits of using Interactive CGI in your marketing operations, so without further ado:

Market and sell earlier.

Before the time of CGI, the only way to show off your new development was to wait until it was built, and then take pictures.

If you wanted to market earlier, you’d have to use site plans or drawings, which never fully show off the development in all it’s glory.

However times have changed, and now the marketing process can begin earlier and more effectively than ever before, by utilising Interactive CGI.

Take back control of your marketing.

Photo’s show exactly what’s in-front of the lens, which is great when:

a) The weather’s good (when is it in the UK?)

b) The lighting’s right

c) You’ve spent considerable time setting up for the perfect shot

and so on...

With CGI, however, there’s no need to wait for perfect weather conditions, or spend time setting up.

CGI allows you to set the weather to as you wish, find the right angle for the best photo, and select what time of day or year you want the image to be set in!

Seasonal CGI

Whether it be sun-rise, sun-set, winter or summer, CGI has your back.

Quality is king.

There’s numerous CGI companies around in the 21st century, however not all of them may offer the expert quality which you are looking for.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the best CGI may not be the cheapest, so high quality CGI is well worth the investment to receive the maximum value.

Express your brand persona.

What better way to showcase that you’re a high quality, forward thinking business by treating your customers to the highest quality CGI, and showing them exactly what their home will look like before it’s been built?

CGI has to be still, right?

Nope. CGI can be utilised in a number for ways.

For example, EyeSiteView create 360° CGI virtual tours of future developments and house types.

Interactive CGI Site Exploration

Interactive CGI Virtual Show Home

This allows your customers to experience their potential new home before it’s even built, which can be accessed by as many devices as you can think of.

Imagine Google Streetview, but virtual.

The value of CGI isn’t going anywhere.

With the UK housing market at it’s weakest point since the global financial crisis a decade ago, marketing is more important than ever for property developers.

Homes need to be sold quicker, and immersive, emotional attachments are needed to be created between homebuyers and properties. Interactive CGI allows you to achieve this.

It’s well documented that a photograph says a thousand words. It’d be interesting to see how many words CGI says.

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