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What is Digital Media?

What is Digital Media?

What is Digital Media?

Here at Oasis Studio, we pride ourselves on being a digital media company, who serve the ambitious with content that delivers more.

Now, I hear you ask: “Oasis, what does being a digital media company mean?”.

Well, you’re in the right place to find out...

What’s the purpose of digital media?

No matter what industry a digital media company is aiming to serve, their purpose always remains consistent: To create easy to use, engaging, content.

Taking us as an example, we produce digital media for marketing and educational purposes (and we’re constantly on the lookout for new markets to serve).

Despite the two industries being completely different entities, our success in each industry depends on how easy to use the digital media is and how engaging it is.

Why does digital media exist?

Whether your trying to educate thirty children in a classroom, or market a housing development before it’s been built, digital media has its place in all industries in the 21st century.

By providing digital media content, you’re allowing your target audience to digest information far easier than ever before. As long as the content is engaging and easy to use, your audience will be taking information in, without them even realising it!

How can digital media be delivered?

The possibilities are limitless.

VR Headset in use Try a VR Headset for the most immersive digital media experience!

As long as there’s a device involved which can display electronic content, then digital media can be delivered through that device.

Think about your most recent trip to a shopping centre. Remember seeing a large electronic advertising screen? Digital content.

Surfing the web on your laptop? Digital content.

Just downloaded a new app for your phone? Again, digital content.

Digital media plays a far greater part in our lives than we realise.

What can digital media be used for?

Again, there are unlimited possibilities for digital media to be found in.

From e-Commerce to console gaming, mobile applications to animation, virtual to augmented reality, and interactive storytelling to social media, digital media comes in the form of many faces.

Also not to forget the array of industries of which digital media is consumed in, from the already mentioned marketing and education industries, to health, publishing and sports.

In conclusion...

Digital media has had a huge impact on society and culture around the world, causing disruptive innovation across all imaginable industries.

We’re sure that digital media will continue to grow, shaping and influencing the way society functions.

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