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Launching: Seymour & Lerhn

Launching: Seymour & Lerhn

Launching Seymour & Lerhn

Launching in January 2020, Seymour & Lerhn is a brand new service created by Oasis Studio, bringing immersive and affordable VR & AR to schools & museums.

What’s all the fuss about?

We noticed that for both the education and museum sector, there was a lack of affordable virtual and augmented solutions available for innovative people in those industries to champion.

This gave us the idea to launch a brand new CGI visualisation service, to cater for the needs of forward-thinking people in those sectors.

Therefore we introduce to you...

Seymour & Lerhn!

Catering for education

For primary schools, we’ve created a curriculum-based educational platform to introduce affordable, virtual experiences to schools – bringing the world to your classroom.

Most VR education services only offer experiences through headsets and head-mounted-displays, so we wanted to create a service which enables schools to embrace the power of virtual reality, but by utilising technological hardware you already own. However, there are affordable VR headsets on the market such as the Google Cardboard, which uses a smartphone to offer virtual experience for as little as £8.

Google Cardboard Affordable VR has arrived!

The cost for a school to have access to our virtual tours and teaching resources is just £399 for the year – that’s just £1.42 per pupil for the average school! However, schools can obtain an early-bird access to the platform for just £199 (or just 71p per pupil) if you register before our official launch in January.

Check out our Demo Hub for a taste of what Seymour & Lerhn can offer your school.

Digital media for museums & heritage sites

Unfortunately, we know that museums don’t have the budget to invest in expensive VR.

However, that doesn’t mean that virtual reality and other digital solutions aren’t an option to engage more visitors with interactive technology.

Seymour & Lerhn offers practical solutions for forward-thinking museum and heritage personnel, from a local heritage centre to a bespoke commission for a large-scale exhibition.

Our digital media suite of virtual reality, augmented reality, CGI recreations and living photographs make increasing engagement with your visitors easier than ever.

Museum tablet Why miss out on engaging virtual experiences?

For the Seymour & Lerhn museum solutions, we offer 3 services to potential clients:


We offer any specific virtual tour we’ve already created for museums and heritage clients to hire for a period of time, perfect for the short term exhibition.


The Pilot option is available for selected projects, giving you a custom virtual tour at a reduced cost. Agreed Pilot content is added to the our range of Seymour & Lerhn Virtual Tours, giving you the opportunity to help grow the platform for our school subscribers with more high quality content.


The Build option allows you to have a fully bespoke virtual tour created exclusively for your use!

Education or museum sector worker?

If you’ve stumbled across this page and happen to work in either the education or museum sector, then feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Call +441246622622 and talk to Charlie about how we could help you with interactive, virtual tours!

What will you discover?

Find out more about Seymour & Lerhn.

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