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6 advantages of using CGI for property marketing

6 advantages of using CGI for property marketing

Inteior CGI

House builders using CGI for property marketing is nothing new.

However, with recent advances in hardware and software; the quality, flexibility and potential of CGI is greater than ever before.

CGI (or computer generated imagery) offers many advantages to businesses, so we’d like to share some advantages of house builders using CGI for property marketing.

1. CGI is better tool than photography for property marketing

I know what you’re thinking - “that’s a sweeping statement”.

But to put it simply, it’s true.

With photography of property (both interior and exterior), many factors have to be right to get the perfect photo; the time of day, the lighting, and the right photographer all are important variables which are difficult and costly to get right.

Using CGI for property marketing purposes eradicates these issues completely, and gives you total control on the output.

CGI artists have flexibility to set up that perfect shot at any time of day, any weather condition and any composition (even the impossible ones!)

Using CGI also allows you to plan ahead and start selling earlier.

For example, you don’t need to wait for showhomes to be built to showcase them, or wait for snow to capture that festive scene for your December marketing calendar.

Festive CGI

2. Exceed your customers expectations

Now we’re into a new decade, customers expectations are getting greater than ever.

People want more, they want to know every detail about their potential home and feel part of the buying process.

By using CGI for property marketing, house builders can exceed their customers expectations, by showing them exactly what their new home and development will look like, before it’s been built.

This ability that CGI offers to property marketing means developers see results faster, and homes are sold earlier.

And as we all know, time = money.

3. An improvement on historic 2D drawings

Who remembers when property was only sold using generic images of housetypes and 2D floor plans?

We certainly do, and thank goodness those times are behind us.

It’s difficult to visualise a 3D space from looking at a 2D floor plan, even our talented architecturally trained employees would admit this.

Using CGI for property marketing means that buying a home can be much more engaging, informative and enjoyable for the client than ever before.

How can you visualise your kitchen from small material swatches pulled out of a draw in a marketing suite?

We live in a 3D world, so people relate to 3D imagery. This is no different when it comes to marketing property.

Modern technology is here, and you’ve got to embrace it as soon as possible to get the first-mover advantage, and stride ahead of your competition... don’t get left behind.

4. Show off your quality

Exterior CGI

If a property developer isn’t sharing CGI images of their development, then something smells fishy.

Why build a gorgeous site of 60 new homes, and don’t showcase exactly what they’re going to look like before they’re built?

You should be proud of the development, and show the site off to the world months before building has commenced – and CGI lets you do this.

Using a quality CGI provider is vital. It’s worth bearing in mind that the best CGI may not be the cheapest, so high quality CGI is well worth the investment to receive the maximum value.

Using poor quality CGI devalues your product, so be sure that your CGI provider offers the quality that matches your brand.

Your customers deserve it.

5. Sell off-plan quicker and earlier

Think about it. CGI is a great tool that assists house builders sell their product or before they’re built.

Inteior CGI

Time definitely equates to money, so by selling properties earlier, time and money are saved and the value of CGI can been justified.

6. Versatility

Most property developers are already using CGI.

You typically see it in varying quality on their websites, social media, marketing suite and print media.

However, CGI can still go much further than just still imagery.

In creating CGI, we generate a highly detailed, 3D model of your development. This asset can be used to generate other types of CGI services:


Animation CGI

As we know, video is king, and fly-though animations are a great way of introducing a development to potential buyer’s and hold their attention for longer.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality CGI

AR increases engagement and interaction with potential buyers in a marketing suite by offering a personable experience, whilst conveying a property developer as forward-thinking and innovative.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality CGI

Similar to Google Streetview, but before it exists, VR is a more memorable experience for potential home buyers. 360° tours allows CGI to be more immersive than ever before and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Interactive CGI

Interactive CGI

Product selectors, kitchen visualisers, and animated CGI’s are all examples of this, and can benefit your customers by allowing them to have a customised experience that’s individual to them.

This initiates a relationship being built between yourself, the developer, and your future new home buyers.

Find out more about the value of interactive CGI

Final Word

Property developers using CGI to market and sell new builds isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Taking back control and providing the ability to show off exactly what something will look are the core benefits of CGI to every industry and sector.

An image says a thousand words – but it’s hard to interact with something that doesn’t exist yet...

...or at least it used to be.

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