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Embracing Digital Techology in Marketing

Embracing Digital Techology in Marketing

Virtual Reality for Marketing

Embracing digital technology in marketing

As our lives become more and more digitally orientated with the proliferation of smartphones constantly at out side to assist with daily tasks, there is an increasing expectation and reliance to find and see information at the tap of a screen.

In the marketing of new homes the obvious approach is to embrace our digital lifestyles. To do so effectively, making a development stand out requires stepping beyond flat floorplans and still CGI visuals.

At eyesiteview our panoramic CGI Site Explorations and Virtual Show Homes satisfies the consumers demand for information and content, through enabling an easy understanding of the space beyond what a plan or still CGI can provide by viewing the future property or development in 360 degrees.

Tech-savvy purchasers increasingly expect integrated technology in the home, it makes sense to market properties and developments making best use of the digital presentations available.

Virtual Reality marketing experience

Looking ahead at digital technology usage, 2016 holds expectation as the year VR steps into the consumer fold. With a growing consumer demand for VR content, panoramic CGIs are ideally suited to be viewed in this medium.

Our approach for VR is to natively provide support for any project where required, importantly our VR viewing is made through the use of a smartphone, so it is not restricted to particular type of headset and does not require any additional apps.

From the immersive viewing on large LED screens, and motion controlled viewing on mobile devices, panomamic CGIs are ideally suited to satisfy the growing market demand for VR content. The navigable Site Explorations or Virtual Show Homes provide a truly engaging experience when viewed with a VR headset, giving and unparalleled understanding of the property or site for off-plan sales.

Introducing ViewStation

Beyond the online delivery of Site Explorations and Virtual Show Homes, we now offer the ViewStation, a compact stand-alone device which can be plugged into any HD TV or projector. Without the need of an internet connection your sales office or marketing suite can include the prestige of interactive navigable Site Exploration or Virtual Show Home.

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