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Engaging Off-Plan Purchasers
  • Written by EyeSiteView
  • April 28th, 2014
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Engaging Off-Plan Purchasers

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Making your site your plots stand out to buyers can be achieved by embracing interactivity.

Whether it be within the site sales office or online, buyer engagement can be challenging, particularly when there is yet to be a tangible product with off-plan properties. The standard response is the use of show homes, which beside their cost has a significant lead time and don’t always offer the best representation of all the off-plan plots for sale.

An immediate marketing approach, which can continue once a sales office is open is to introduce interactivity to the prospective purchaser.

Virtual Marketing offers increased opportunities for buyer engagement

Using EyeSiteView a virtual completed site can be explored, virtual show homes can show the wide range of types available and individual specification and customisations can be reviewed and chosen.

The increasing relevance and familiarity of online property hunting is creating a transition of how purchasers find property. Increased quality of information available up-front about your site and plots and interactivity will set it apart to make it stand out.

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