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Get a Head Start With Your Off-Plan Sales
  • Written by EyeSiteView
  • June 11th, 2014
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Get a Head Start With Your Off-Plan Sales

Get a Head Start With Your Off-Plan Sales

Why wait for a show house or sales suite to be constructed and furnished, start selling now with an immersive explorable virtual property and development site.


The conventional and typical way of marketing new property (to larger developments) is the use of a show house / apartment with an associated sales suite. This requires a substantial up front cost, with a fit out typically in the region of £10 ’s of thousands to enable plots to be reserved and sold.

The innovative EyeSiteView solution enables a much more robust early sales push to be made through provision of interactive visualisation of the development site and property. The improved quality of early available information gives purchasers more confidence to go ahead and make off-plan reservations.

Looking further at property marketing, use of the internet is becoming an increasingly essential tool by property purchasers to research and for agents to add improved information and media. The ability to explore the property and locality with tools such as Google Streetview enables purchasers to more easily review potential. Unfortunately a disparity in available information between new and existing property is emerging to what purchasers expect to be available.

There’s also something much more relaxing and inviting about the digital experience. Having the ability to interact means the buyer feels in control rather than just being at the timing and directions of salespeople.

Consumers expect to be able to combine the best of both worlds – as they now shop, book holidays, bank and expand their social horizons - with the convenience of digital. They want to see and understand the options and the environment they are buying into. The marriage of old and new multichannel strategies can further build on the customer experience.

Online interactivity in sales

Buying a Property is likely to be the most expensive purchase a person makes, however the information provided can be simply limited to 2D site and property plans with an indicative impression of the housetype. Other high value purchases and even mid to lower value products achieve a better purchaser experience. With new car sales, the online showroom offers a full experience of specification selection and interactive views of the vehicles. Online clothing retailers are reviewing the use of 3D modelling technology to determine if clothing fits your body type.

All of this is now expected by the consumers whilst being mobile. It means giving customers the ability to start a purchase from the comfort of their home, progress it on the move and complete it on their site meeting.

Some developers have utilised animated walkthroughs to give a broad impression of the overall new development. Yet still the purchaser is unable to easily dwell on their point of interest, or the prospective plot they may wish to purchase, unlike EyeSiteView which can be viewed at any pace with full control of orientation, views and information links.

Availability on multiple devices

The evolution of smart phones and tablets is expanding the knowledge base of consumers and their experience with making purchasers. The show home and sales suite has its worthwhile functions in the sale of new property, but would be part of a much more effective sales approach when new technology is used as part of the marketing strategy.

The EyeSiteView system enables developers to take the step to an immersive interactive marketing strategy today.

Before a brick is even laid purchasers can experience a completed site or chosen property whilst being able to look in 360 degrees. Specification choices can be selected and compared in the actual property.

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