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Virtually perfect: How VR is going prime time

Virtually perfect: How VR is going prime time

eyesiteview Virtual Reality

In a first for British TV, the capabilities of modern technology are set to be explored through property design.

Two architects are competing for their designs to be chosen on houses which aren’t meeting the changing needs of their occupants.

Using virtual reality (VR) to bring the architect’s designs to life, homeowners can instantly explore a stunning transformation of their bedroom, walk around an incredible double-height kitchen, or see how adding a huge picture window will turn a dingy lounge into a showstopping sitting room.

In each episode, a family will be presented with two radically different designs by two extraordinary architects. Which ambitious renovation idea will they choose for their perfect home?

EyeSiteView Associate, Tony Buck, says: “Houses can be versatile and adaptable, but it’s often hard to imagine how the end result will look from 2D plans.

“Second to buying a property, extending and renovating it can be one of our most expensive decisions.

“Using VR to explore all options is the ultimate ’try before you buy’ and gives the owner a lot more input on how best to adapt their living space.”

In episode one, airing tonight, practicality meets creativity, as architects, Laura and Robert, go head to head to redesign Andy and Esther’s three-bedroom house in Stirling, Scotland.

Laura and Robert are tasked with adapting the couple’s cramped home to suit their growing family.

Using VR, Robert and Laura pitch their ideas to completely transform Andy and Esther’s home.

The moment the couple put on the VR headset they are transported back into their house; walls start moving, ceilings lift up and light pours in.

But whose design will they choose?

Watch Your Home Made Perfect tonight on BBC Two at 8pm.

image: Laura Jane Clark, Angela Scanlon, Robert Jamison. Copyright: BBC

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