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Real or Render?

Real or Render?

Comparing and contrasting our visualisations to Google street view

Real or render? This week we are looking at Hepworth Court, in Walton on Thames, London.

This site consists of a dozen, three & four bed homes on a redevelopment site undertaken by Linden Homes.

Our approach to the development uses integrated photography, to enhance the realism of the render and give the closest feel to the finished product possible. The 360 CGI renders we have produced replicate the exact house types and positioning of plots, and provide a very realistic side by side comparison with the built images from google.

Real or render?

Taking a glance at our render and the google maps image, we believe the only noticeable difference is the sky due to photography conditions when photos were taken. With just the absence of a few road signs and plants, our render doesn’t miss much.

Real or render?

We’ll be posting up with another ’Real or Render?’, Streetview comparison soon.

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