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Real or Render?
  • Written by EyeSiteView
  • March 2nd, 2018
  • About rendering

Real or Render?

Comparing and contrasting our visualisations to Google street view

Real or render? We’ve been looking at some of our EyeSiteView CGI projects and comparing them with the now completed forms in Google Street View. This week we’re looking at the schemes at Colindale. London (Varsity) and Finsbury Park, London (Aqua)

Real or render?

Our approach includes the stitching of in-situ photography with the aim to make a photorealistic impression of the completed development navigable in 360 degrees similar to Street View before the development is complete or even started in some cases.

Real or render?

Comparing our 360 CGI renders to the google maps stills, we think they’re pretty accurate and we’re pleased with the striking similarity between the photography and render. The composition of both the render and the photo align, and only really differ in colour tones due to the lighting conditions on the day.

Real or render?

Now we cant wait to see how some of our latest next generation EyeSiteView Site Explorations compare when the StreetView cameras next roll around the many sites currently under construction.

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