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Virtual Reality Headset Launched
  • Written by EyeSiteView
  • July 15th, 2014
  • About VR

Virtual Reality Headset Launched

EyeSiteView VR Headset

A new era of connecting with customers and clients has arrived! Expanding on our existing multi device viewing, the EyeSiteView VR headset brings 360 degree Virtual Reality presentations to the mass market.


EyeSiteView VR Headset

The lightweight, low-cost VR headset has been launched to offer an entry level Virtual Reality solution for Marketing and Design Review.

Full details of the VR viewer and example environments can be found at:

We supply the VR headset in a flat form, comprising of 3 parts. Final assembly can be carried out in minutes with the items provided, and use of a smartphone. The headset is designed for volume low-cost manufacture for potential use as part of a marking campaign, exbibition or as a quick and easy immersive design review tool.

No additional software or plugins are required just assemble the headset, pop in your smart phone and browse to the for explorable examples .

Smartphone Viewer

Architects, Designers and Marketing Agencies have always required a visual service of presenting the projects to the highest levels possible. Now it is possible to invite potential purchasers to view the project and designs as if they are standing in and looking around the completed project before it is even started.

Clients or the public don’t even need to be at the site to use this, all you have to do is just send them a VR viewer in the post direct them to your EyeSiteView web address, and let them explore.

Potential for; Having clients stand in a space and show its design progressing or how it will look when completed ( before it has left the drawing table)

  • Hotel foyers
  • Airport lounges
  • Residential Development
  • Interior Design
  • Train Stations
  • Atrium’s
  • Major infrastructure projects
  • Yachting & Marine

..Any any other built environments were 360 degree visualisation is attainable.

Key features include

  • Designed for casual and limited time use (marketing & review)
  • 3D capable
  • Lightweight hand-held viewing headset
  • Can be used whilst wearing glasses
  • Colours and branding customisable on a campaign by campaign basis
  • EyeSiteView engine updated to enable VR comparability
  • Move head to look in all directions
  • Gesture based navigation to move around our immersive environments
  • Utilises iOS and Android Smartphone screen and sensors

I hope that you are has excited as we are about the potential it can bring to marketing, presentation and design review.

We are providing a limited number of free preview VR headset viewers available on request, if you are interested in receiving a free VR viewer please email us with your name, company and postal address.

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