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Virtual Reality Headset to be launched next week
  • Written by EyeSiteView
  • July 8th, 2014
  • About VR

Virtual Reality Headset to be launched next week

EyeSiteView VR Headset

EyeSiteView is launching its first Virtual Reality Headset Viewer, to enable a more immersive experience of the panoramic visualisations & site exploration.


Our first virtual reality viewing headset is due to be launched next week. The headset is a low cost entry level viewer specifically made for marketing and review purposes, (not gaming use). We are opening up the potential of VR to the built environment.

Designed to work side by side and complement our existing EyeSiteView platforms, it expands upon the desktop, tablet and smartphone device capability to add 360 degree immersive virtual reality viewing.

Key features include

  • Designed for casual and limited time use (marketing & review)
  • 3D capable
  • Lightweight hand-held viewing headset
  • Can be used whilst wearing glasses
  • Colours and branding customisable on a campaign by campaign basis
  • EyeSiteView engine updated to enable VR comparability
  • Move head to look in all directions
  • Gesture based navigation to move around our immersive environments
  • Utilises iOS and Android Smartphone screen and sensors

We are providing a limited number of preview viewers available on launch, if you are interested in receiving a free VR viewer please email us with your name, company and postal address.

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