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Virtual Reality & the Property Sector

Virtual Reality & the Property Sector

Virtual Reality

Recent advances in technology has bought about a resurgence of virtual reality (VR), the main difference this time is that it actually works.

The 1990’s boom was short lived, low computer processing power meant poor graphics, laggy visuals and expensive price tags. Consumers were not satisfied with the technology and the boom ended. Flash forward 20 years and consider that the humble smart-phone outstrips the processing power of an average 90’s computer; it’s unsurprising that VR has enjoyed a more successful launch this time. It has been tentative at times, but VR has started to filter into everyday usage, bringing with it an acceptance and expectation of virtual reality across pretty much every industry.’s unsurprising that VR has enjoyed a more successful launch this time.

Whilst high end virtual reality headsets are popping up with increasingly sophisticated technology, the low end market has certainly not been left behind. Advances in gyroscopes integrated into smartphones and tablet devices combined with the release of Google Cardboard, opened the doors of virtual reality to the masses, lending itself to the next generation of property marketing. At their simplest, smart-device driven headsets require little more than a pair of VR lenses. This flexibility allows the use in a marketing suite, on site, and even enables a potential buyer to view a development from the comfort of their own home.

VR Viewers

Virtual Reality at its most accessible

We are continually enhancing our Virtual Tours as technology changes, making an EyeSiteView tour one of the most comprehensive packages currently available. Our immersive tours have been adopted by a number of national housing developers, offering potential buyers the unique opportunity to explore a development and navigate inside homes before a single brick has been laid.

Photorealistic VR

Want to experience it for yourself? Try out an EyeSiteView Virtual Tour

With Goldman Sachs predicting VR for real estate alone to be worth $2.6bn by 2025, it is clear that as VR becomes a standard expectation, property marketing methods will need to evolve, providing realistic, accurate and immersive experiences beyond traditional floorplans and sales brochures. As we stand on the cusp of a VR revolution, it’s an exciting time for those working in the property sector and buyers alike!

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