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What is FoV Marketing

What is FoV Marketing

eyesiteview FoV Marketing

FoV CGI is a type of imagery which steps beyond the constraints of a fixed frame, offering the dynamic ability to look around in all directions. This a fundamental feature of eyesiteview CGIs.

FoV stands for “Field of View” and refers to the extent of vision by the eye, of course CGI is the common short-hand for “Computer Generated Imagery". So putting it all together FoV CGI Marketing refers to visual imagery which embraces 360° viewing for marketing purposes.

360x360 degree field of viewing

Our eyesiteview interactive scenes have an unrestricted 360° x 360° field of view from a given location allowing you to look up, down left and right as you naturally would when in a space or place. In essence breaking out of the restriction of a fixed frame of a still image on a screen.

Move beyond the fixed frame

Move beyond the fixed frame

You may already be familiar with this form of interactive viewing with Google StreetView. As the consumer public become more familiar with this type of dynamic imagery there is an increasing demand and familiarity to view locations whether they are photographic, CGI or a mix of both in this medium.

Besides viewing traditional screen based viewing, FoV CGIs and panoramic photos are ideally suited for viewing with the latest generation of VR headsets.

As a marketing tool, in the new property sector we provide a services called Site Exploration (for virtual navigable exteriors of new development sites) and Virtual Show Home (for a virtual tour of a property with the ability to change specification in real time)

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