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Why a digital media company has upcycled bicycle inner tubes to save smartphones and the environment.

Why a digital media company has upcycled bicycle inner tubes to save smartphones and the environment.

The Yoyo Grip

Over the years, there have been numerous campaigns to tackle environmental issues around the world.

There is, however, one polluter that doesn’t get enough of the spotlight for the damage it does to the environment:

The mobile phone.

A digital media company creating a smartphone harness?

As a digital media company, our content is delivered on electronic devices, and we wanted to do more to protect the devices that our content is delivered on.

We’ve already implemented all of the usual solutions to become more green, however we wanted to challenge ourselves to do more.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our upcycled smartphone harness, The Yoyo Grip, to help protect our expensive devices and raise awareness of the environmental damage they cause.

Why be more mindful of mobile?

95% of the carbon footprint a mobile phone creates comes from mining the 16 rare earth metals that are used to make a smartphone in the first place. Is it expected that 14% of our planet’s carbon footprint will be created from technology by 2040.

The environmental damage of a smartphone

Our Founder and Director, Paul Deakin, explains:

“There are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, with 78% of the UK population owning one. That’s a lot of mobile phones that are contributing towards our carbon footprint, and we felt we had to do something about it.”

Used bike inner tubes also go to landfill, so we decided to tackle both issues head on. We created a solution to extend the life-cycle of a smartphone, whilst stopping inner tubes from going to waste, and invented the The Yoyo Grip.

The Yoyo Grip - Upcycled. Literally.

The Yoyo Grip is a harness that’s upcycled from bike inner tubes, to save mobile phones and the environment.

We also believe that with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for us to look after our expensive devices.

A little help from our friends...

We’re thankful to our friends at havebike and J E James for donating their bicycle inner tubes to be made into Yoyo Grips, therefore saving them from going to landfill.

Nick Brown, havebike Managing Director, said:

“Repurposing old bicycle inner tubes as the Yoyo Grip, a product that prevents damage to mobile phones and reducing further waste and consumption is just genius. It’s also a well thought out design that’s very functional.

As an environmentally conscious bicycle service company, we’re very mindful of how we recycle waste. We’re delighted to be able to donate old inner tubes so they can be turned into Yoyo Grips. We’re even more excited about stocking the Yoyo Grip as a product!”

The Yoyo Grip is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes

How you can help save your smartphone and the environment

Our aim with The Yoyo Grip is to stop mobile phones from dropping, cracking, and getting lost, in order to extend the devices’ life-cycle as much as possible, and reduce the demand of new phones being created.

If there are less smartphones being created, then the carbon footprint made from the smartphone and technology industry is significantly reduced.

The Yoyo Grip attaches around your mobile, whilst retaining full functionality of the smartphone including the camera and side buttons. The elasticated cord and utility clip then attach to your wrist or belt loop, to stop you losing or dropping your phone.

The Yoyo Grip details

The Yoyo Grip features

You can find out more about The Yoyo Grip at, if you’re interested in becoming more #MindfulOfMobile.

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